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  • Multicord

    Multicord - MultiCord is a simple and a elegant way to make your house smart, safe and more energy consumption conscious.

Multicord Features

There are many multicord features


Remote control

MultiCord enables remote on/off control over plugged in devices


Self off avoiding an accident

In case of an overload MultiCord will turn it self off avoiding an accident



Remote control is managed by multiplatform smart application running on iOS, Android or Windows Phone. You can also control multicord from your favourite web browser.



Real time energy consumption metering with monthly or daily statistics and monetized calculation of usage.



Save 10% - 15% energy with multicord



All devices have open API controll. You can control device with others systems

See what we are all about‘s biggest competition are other smart home application providers, such as Cofizy or HomeControl, but most of them are focusing more on the control of the devices – not electricity consumption.

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Best green technologies

We are the winners of "Climate Launchpad" with our product

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Multicord aims to change the way we consume energy

The Internet of Things (IoT) era is coming and a lot of experts call it next Industrial Revolution and will definitely make a huge impact on today’s world.

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We are a team focused on one goal- creating things which make life easier and smarter


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